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You know when your pet is happy. Wagging tail. Bright eyes. A smile. Yes, you know your pet can smile! You also know that your pet’s health is one of the most important aspects of their physical well-being. During their annual physical, we will examine your pet’s mouth to help assess their overall oral health. A professional dental cleaning may be recommended. Professional dog and cat teeth cleaning in Fruita, CO have proven health benefits including reduced risk of periodontal disease, reduced risk of kidney and/or liver disease, improved health of tooth enamel, and better breath!

Professional Dog and Cat Dental Cleaning

If a professional dog and cat dental cleaning is recommended, a separate appointment will be necessary. Just like any surgical procedure, your pet will be anesthetized and fully monitored during the procedure. A dental cleaning consists of ultrasonic scaling to remove tartar and plaque buildup and polishing to get your pet’s teeth shiny and bright. Creating a smooth tooth surface is also helpful for discouraging the future development of plaque buildup.

Pet Dental X-Rays

We have pet dental X-ray capabilities to ensure that our patients’ mouths are evaluated thoroughly. Dental X-rays allow us to check for oral problems that can’t be identified with the naked eye, such as chips, cracks, decay, abscesses, and more. X-rays also allow us to determine viability of dentification and find flaws not obvious to oral exam and probing.

Dog Dental Surgery

Occasionally, more advanced dog dental surgery may be required, depending on your pet’s oral condition and treatment needs. When we perform dental surgery on our patients, we utilize complete surgical monitoring techniques as we would during any surgical procedure to maintain your pet’s safety throughout. Some oral surgeries include tooth extractions to remove diseased teeth, bonding and sealing enamel damage, gingival hyperplasia reduction, oral cancer surgery, and dental occlusion corrections.

At-Home Dog and Cat Dental Care

While professional dental care can do wonders for your pet’s oral health, ongoing dental maintenance is important for the prevention of tartar and plaque buildup. If you have questions about your pet’s at-home oral needs, we can provide education about proper care as well as dental diets that can help keep your pet’s mouth clean.

If you have questions about your pet’s oral health needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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