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Excellence is our benchmark!

When you are contemplating surgery on your beloved pet, be it a new puppy or kitten, or a friend who has been with you for years, we will be here for both of you every step of the way. Our highly trained and experienced team performs numerous types of surgeries. Routine soft tissue surgery includes spays, neuters, growth removals, and much more. In addition, our accomplished orthopedic team is proficient with bone and joint surgery including arthroscopy, fracture repair, and tibial tuberosity advancement (also known as TTA or knee surgery).

What you can expect

  • Consultation with your veterinarian regarding your pet’s procedure and answers to any questions you may have
  • An individualized pain control plan before, during, and after surgery, plus the use of local anesthetics and epidurals when appropriate
  • Anesthetic monitoring by experienced and highly trained technicians who will be by your pet’s side throughout surgery and recovery
  • Surgery performed by our accomplished and skilled veterinarians using the latest technology
  • After-care and dismissal instructions communicated to you by your pet’s doctor or team member
  • TTA after-care and Passive Range of Motion video

Specialized equipment 

We are proud to offer the latest in technology to help keep your pet safe and improve healing.

  • Anesthetic monitoring equipment including electro-cardiogram (ECG), blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, respiratory and heart rate, body temperature, and much more
  • Carbon Dioxide laser surgery
  • Cryosurgery and electro-cautery
  • Steam autoclaving for instrument sterilization as well as off-site peroxide instrument sterilization

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