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No matter your pet’s age or health status, ongoing wellness exams for pets in Fruita, CO is extremely important as it lays the foundation for lifelong health. Wellness care at Arrowhead Veterinary Hospital is designed to confirm that your pet is healthy and that potential health problems are identified and treated as quickly as possible. We provide a range of wellness care services, detailed below.

Comprehensive Preventive Care

We recommend that all of our patients come in for an examination at least once a year, giving our doctors the opportunity to examine and assess each pet on a regular basis. During this time, we perform a complete nose-to-tail check, diagnostics if needed, and other preventive measures, such as vaccines. If our doctors identify any potential health problems, we are able to pursue treatment promptly and ensure that your pet gets back on the road to good health.

Geriatric Assessment

When pets reach their senior years (around age 7), their health needs begin to change. We perform medical assessments specifically designed for older pets in order to check for certain age-related health conditions, pain and discomfort, mobility concerns, quality of life, and so much more. Depending on our findings, lifestyle or dietary changes may be discussed.

Cat and Dog Microchipping

Cat and dog microchipping is an important aspect of your pet’s safety as it can offer a permanent means of identification linking your pet to you for life. We utilize the HomeAgain microchip at Arrowhead Veterinary Hospital and we assist with the initial registration to safeguard that your pet could be identified in the event of becoming lost.

Pediatric Assessment

When you first welcome your furry friend into your home, it is an exciting time! We perform a complete pediatric assessment to confirm that your pet is starting their life with you on the right paw. We will thoroughly examine them and discuss any recommended interventions. We also work with you to determine the proper diet and preventive options for their lifestyle and needs. We recommend that new pets be examined within the first week of being welcomed into your home to establish care, and assure you that there are no mysteries about their health and needs.

Pest Prevention

Pest prevention is a crucial aspect of making sure that your pet has a lifetime of good health. Animals can also carry parasites that are transmissible to humans, and prevention is essential, easy, and relatively inexpensive. In our area, heartworm is a major concern for our pets because of our extensive mosquito population. Fleas and ticks are also a possible threat that is preventable. We can work with you to determine the best preventive options for your pet’s particular lifestyle and needs.

Dog and Cat Vaccinations

Dog and cat vaccinations are an important preventive measure for your pet. Exposure to various infectious diseases can put your pet at risk. Prevention of these diseases through vaccination can be a very reliable and cost-effective method of reducing those risks. Our veterinarians at Arrowhead will work closely with each pet and owner to make certain the right vaccination program is recommended for your lifestyle.

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